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Having fun with coding/programming, on current market platforms (Windows, Android, Linux, MacOSX, iOS),. and playing with various programming languages, and techniques (Client/Server, Web Techniques, RPi, IT, UI/UX, DB, to sum it briefly fullstack).

I'm a software engineer -- and due to this fact, I find myself surrounded by technology (both hardware and software). I decided to build this site, to share some of the software that was developed in my leisure time, mostly if not all, to friends/family members or personal use. Due to the fast changing market and software tools out there, some of these tools might be outdated -- and some were developed as a POC.

Developing software in various platforms:

  • Web,
  • Mobile devices (Smartphones / tablets),
  • Windows based devices (mobile and desktop),
  • MacOS based devices, Mac iOS based devices,
  • Android devices (Smartphones / tablets).

My state of mind is open source and any idea which can add some addedvalue into people life would be appealing to me. Sites and services like Wikipedia or Firefox immediately poped to mind, when writing about that, if you have any idea in which I can donate my expertise, and time to -- I'd be happy to hear an offer.

I am always looking forward to any new initiatives -- if you are a Web/Graphics/Artist/Video/Film Designer who would like to initiate an endeavor of any kind, and require my tech expertise to it, I would be more than happy to hear about that.

The software featured here was quickly built, and if worthy was modified and aggregated with versions modifications. Most of the features here have been constructed as an installation file.

Note: All the applications presented here are freeware, you use them on your own risk. The software is still in beta stages so it still needs development stages, if you have any ideas for features to add, or change -- email me, or initiate a live Instant Message with me via the form on the headline of this site (I am mostly online)...

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