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Platform: Windows OS application

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VideoConvert is an application that enable you either to convert existing video to any structure you like, or add text captions to an existing video.

VideoConvert partial list of features:

    1. Supports the following video structures:
      *.3GP *.ASF *.AVI *.AVM *.AVS *.DAT *.FLV *.MKV *.MOV *.MP4 *.MPEG *.MPG *.NSV *.OGM *.RM *.RMVB *.TP *.TS *.VOB *.WMV
  1. Supports the following audio structures:
    *.AAC *.AC3 *.APE *.DTS *.FLAC *.M4A *.MKA *.MP2 *.MP3
    *.MPA *.MPC *.OFR *.OGG *.RA *.TTA *.WAV *.WMA
  2. Media conversion from one structure to another.
  3. == VideoHook option ==
    (*) Make sure to put some text under the form under the 'Video Hook Caption' button... Text caption got a RTF (Rich Text Format) abilities of design.
    (*) Defining RTF (RichTextFormat) text caption lines with different properties such as
    (a) Text position on picture
    (Top / Bottom -- In picture / Appended to the picture)
    (b) Save / Load data to / from disk. Loading *.SRT, *.SUB files
    (c) Use Variables in the RTF (RichTextFormat) text caption:
    %date - input file date
    %name - input file name
    %today - current datetime stamp
    %framenumber - frame number
    %pts - Presentation Time Stamp
    %duration - current duration value
    %total - total duration value
    (d) Timing of the captions to be displayed on the video canvas
  4. Multiple files drag & Drop onto app

Credits: The VideoConvert application was originaly made by a demo application for a library that I have bought called 'DelphiFFMpeg'.