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Platform: Server Windows 32bit, Clients: Browser enabled client

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Light wieght server to enable (mostly) LAN clients to view a slideshow of picked images:


  • Define a Image slideshow server on any picked port
  • Define time interval to slide to next image
  • Log Server Activity to a .log file (located in the installed directory)
  • Display captions layer ontop of the image:
    • Current Date and Time
    • Full image path (sliced by directories)
    • Image Time Stamp
    • Image index in the list
    • Total images in the collection
  • Security: Ability to define given IP addresses which could access the slideshow
  • Image DB:
    • Pick a 'Parent directory to scan' and create a list of images
    • Enable exclusion of given directories from the scan procedure
    • New Database: Enables creating a new DB to create the list of images
    • Scan: Scan 'Parent directory to scan'for all .jpg images
    • Random the Index of all scanned images (do not change, of course, the images or any of their content)
  • When reading bad images, it tries dynamically to fix it and send it in a proper format
  • Option to resize proportionally the images by given Height

Note that none of the original images picked are actually being changed or saved

Example of client output: