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Platform: Windows OS application

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BuenoPlayer, is a simple .mp3 (only - at this time), player. With a visible scroll text lyrics, and pictures (taken from given played directory, and optionally taken from a search on the band pages) slideshow, while playing tracks.
Originally the BuenoPlayer was a part of another project I am maintaining called MP3Handler, which is a meta tag editor and manager for audio/picture files. After a request it was detached as a separate project.

BuenoPlayer partial list of features/controls:

  • Right click Windows Explorer and Shell Menu item - "BuenoPlayer" - to play a track from explorer. Associate .mp3 windows explorer extension with BuenoPlayer.
  • Drop drop files from explorer to the BuenoPlayer Panel to create a playlist.
  • When mouse is on the BuenoPlayer panel, properties manager are visible:
  1. TrackBar (LeftTop) - Scroll Text Speed
  2. TrackBar (RightTop) - Scroll Text Font Size
  3. TrackBar (LeftBottom) - Current position of played song
  4. TrackBar (RightBottom) - Volume control
  5. Left Panel - Properties and switchs
  • DisplayWikiImages - Adds images from according to the played 'Band' tag from the mp3 ID3v2 meta tags. Currently support:
    1. - english version
    2. - hebrew version
  • PathImages - Adds images from played path, Whether to present images from current played track directory.
  • ScrollText - Whether to scrolltext lyrics when playing song.
  • All other switches are metatag properties which will be presented ontop of the presented text.
  • Mouse actions:
  1. Mouse Move while Left click - Moves ScrollText
  2. Mouse Move while Right Click - Change ScrollText Speed
  3. Middle Mouse scroll - Changes ScrollText Font Size
  4. DoubleClick - Realign ScrollText to top of the page