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Platform: Windows OS application

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The ImageAddSignature was created to enable you to add signature image in an easy and fast way.

I was looking for a good utility that can manage PNG as Layers, -- keeping the alpha transparency blend -- after a while I decided to write down my own utility that does so. Although it probably exists out there in many variations, this was just made for my needs (hope you'd find it useful as well).


Alpha Blend:

When talking about transparency there is

  • Single color - The standard simple way of it -- using one color that will define a transparency for an image.
  • Alpha transparency - opacity of the bitmap mask -- so that each pixel got its own opacity in the bitmap matrix.


The main procedures in the application are:

  1. Configure basic signature file
  2. Support for the following image types: Dcx, Png, Jpg, Eps, Ico, Pcx, Pdf, Ppm, Tif, Wmf
  3. Batch Blend Images Layers -- (recommended to use PNG alpha transparency)
    1. Using Drag/Drop in order to batch add signatures
    2. Define default width in percent to be used on the signed image
    3. Define where you would like to add signature upon canvas
    4. Merge PNG Images transparency color mask (AlphaChannels), using the PNG alpha transparency
    5. Support either, Multiple Images creation;
      1. On single image, using multiple signatures
      2. On multiple images, using single signature
  4. Batch Resize of Images (Keeping PNG Alpha Transparency colors)