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Platform: Server Windows 32bit

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Light wieght HD Content files information.
Scans selected directories and its subdirectories to compile a statistics information such as Total Size, and gerneral information such as within MS-FileExplorer. When each directory is display a PIE chat is presented the storage space of each directory content.


  • Create a new DB of Scanned Path and subdirectories for their content information.
  • Enables deleting of a given DB file (By selecting a created DB, and pressing DELETE key).
  • Display Three types of PIE charts of the directory storage infomation [ 1. By Size 2. By File Count 3. By Directory Count ].
  • Naviagtion between each directory which was scanned, [Either by clicking the table content, or the PIE charts representation] with left mouse click (right click mouse will go back a directory).