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Platform: Windows OS application

Download PicText

PicText is a quick way to append to pictures text captions on the bottom of the pictures: You design a text to be added (RTF - can use misc fonts properties, colors, and alignments). Then you either apply it onto the current picture, or run a batch procedure to run the process on all selected files.

PicText partial list of features:

  • Defining RTF (RichTextFormat) text caption lines with different properties such as
    • Text position on picture. (Top / Bottom -- In picture / Appended to the picture)
    • Use Variables in the RTF (RichTextFormat) text caption:
      %name - file name
      %date - file datetime stamp
      %today - today datetime
  • Loading a picture and saving it with the appended text
    (*) Load various file types such as:
    *.jpg *.bmp *.dcx *.eps *.ico *.pcx *.pdf *.ppm *.tga *.tif *.tiff *.wmf *.png
  • Batch capability to add to a collection of pictures the text lines
    (*) DragDroping files from windows explorer