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Platform: Windows OS application, Android

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EZrun is a desktop (Windows) server -- that enables you to run other application on windows desktop using the TCP/IP on the web.
Sample Clients were written for Mobiles and desktop (Android, Windows).

Application assign a trigger command for each short-cut in the list, enabling you to run short-cuts from any device that uses the sample TCP/IP protocol that was defined in the application.

A switch added where you can share a link from youtube android app to the server -- and launch in the server machine the clip sent, via an internal browser or via your default machine browser.

EZrun partial list of features:

  1. Configure short-cuts of running applications on server side, easily -- by drag/drop applications, or adding them manually on the desktop app.
  2. Syncing configured short-cuts list to clients.
  3. Easy view of short-cuts list on both clients/servers GUI.
  4. Launching server short-cuts list remotely from clients or localy from the server.
  5. Assigning an image for each short-cut.
  6. Application available for all current used platforms.
  7. Bulb Text per launch of - success launch, and fail launch.
  8. Android Share Link and autolaunch it on server browser.

v0.0.0.1b First draft
v0.0.0.2b Added Launch verification bolbtext
v0.0.0.3b Fixed fast sync procedure (it halted on very fast connectivity)...
v0.0.0.4b Set properly storage path (android - HomePath, and windows - application directory)
v0.0.0.5b Added android splash, and setup.exe created
v0.0.0.6b Server added Start/Stop functionality, and an 'About' TabPage
v0.0.0.7b Added, in client, handling when server isn't defined. And save Server Log, store 100 lines of history, WebBrowser exception fix
v0.0.0.8b Added in ServerWin button to open android .apk directory
v0.0.0.9b Added support for Shared intent from Youtube
v0.0.0.10b Added validating of URL parameter,. Auto Launch windows server when application loaded.
v0.0.0.11b Added in App open URL switch (instead of in the default browser, new tab)
v0.0.0.12b Fixed setup, and add a readme to setup process
v0.0.0.13b Removed unrequired permission access from .apk
v0.0.0.14b Internal Browser URL Loading (fixed bug), Sending thumbnails (fixed bug)
v0.0.0.15b fix some bugs
v0.0.0.16b Added Autodetection of server IP process..