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Platform: Windows OS application

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Simple application that enables you to make a slideshow, made for use with big amount of pictures.

The code is based, enhanced, from a demo for a TMS component.

WidgetSmoothSlideShow partial list of features:

  1. Initiate a scan of subdirectories to swich between slide fast.
  2. Display File Properties such as: Full File Name & Parsed Path information
  3. Misc Effects when switching between pictures.
  4. Saved position and dimensions of the applications.
  5. Open by Clicking the image, the assigned application to magnify the image and view it.
  6. History List of presented slides, and ability to navigate within that list.
  7. Pops configuration where is none defined. Configuration button.
  8. Ability to modify font properties. And font highlight enhancement. Font OuterTextBorder.
  9. Change main form caption.
  10. Switch to Parse filename seperators to Line breaks.