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Platform: Windows 32bit, MacOSX 10.9.2, iOS and Android OS application

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MobileSlideShow, a slideshow application, that can run on all platforms: windows, ios, macosx, android.
I created that to emulate the functionality of the samsung Share option, where you can send pictures to the smarttv.

In addition for a requirement that I had displaying pictures on a projector and navigating the pictures using the EZRun application which previously I presented on this site, where assigned using the command line parameters to navigate between pictures.
Same feature was added to the mobileslideshow - to remotely navigate the mobileslideshow..

You can create a view list within the application, scanned from the local storage device.
Different navigation is presented: random slide (by timer, or key press), slide by slide navigation.
When running two clients on different platforms, you can enter the designated target application, and share the viewed picture with it (internally using the FTP UDP protocol). Currently the image sent will be automatically deleted from the device after being presented.