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Platform: Windows OS application

Out of the box - Media sharing Web Server

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ArcCloud - Light Weight Web Media Server
Manage easiely your media (images, videos) to be shared via a web browser to your clients - running on windows machine. After defining users, and password - each user can access the files that have been uploaded (or put) by the admin in each user directory.

ArcCloud partial list of features/controls:

  1. Standalone server executable backend
  2. Configurable properties of the communication variables
  3. Define users that can access the media files
  4. Easy server configuration
  5. Creates small thumbnails .jpg files from media, both images or videos
    • Thumbnail from video is taken from the middle frame of the video
    • Thumbnail size can be defined in properties
  6. Creates an embeded single file html with the thumb images
  7. Supports big files upload (by using a Client JS and server connectivity - with seperating big files to small chunk sized packets - packet size can be defined by the server properties)
  8. Supports multiple files selection on the client side, both by browsing for them, or droping them from explorer to the form)
  9. Displays meta data about the media file in the client frontend
  10. Media files are hidden, and can be accessed by the user, only if he is logged into the system with his defined password
  11. Enables defintion of Admin user, who can log as a client (from the browser) into a session and upload new files to the different users
  12. The logged in browser user - Gets a list of content of thumb media that was shared by the admin with him;
    • Pressing the media thumbnail loads the content onto the browser
    • Or the user can press the download button to download the shared media to his device
  13. Automatic email option of notification to 'user project', after admin uploaded new photo to his directory.
Windows Server app screen shots:

Client Browser side screen shots: