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Platform: Windows OS application, iOS Mobile, Android Mobile

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This app enables you to log the datetime, when you preformed a certain action.
For example;
  • when you have waked up
  • when did you brush your teeth
  • or took medicine
  • etc

The application is sepserated into three different portions
  • MakeNoteServer - The main server, which
    • Log data to the server database
    • Enables you to view all the logged data
    • Enables you to plot a graph of the actions
  • MakeANoteClient - A Windows Client
  • MakeANoteClient Mobile - A Mobile client
    • Enables you to view last ten actions, feached from the server
    • Log a new action, by communication to Server IP

    Application is written as a client server.
    Where desktop windows Server app use firebird database to store the log file and details.
    And clients (currently windows and android), can log and fetch the log from a given server host ip address.