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Platforms: Windows OS application, android

3d and 2d Image animation slideshow

Download Windows FMXImageAnimationWindows

Download Android FMXImageAnimationAndroid

FMXImageAnimation - simple 2d and 3d animation slideshow
In the last year, I found myself almost every month, creating a clip for my Family members.
I found it useful creating this app, and putting the video output in the Family clips.
Although, at this stage the code is very messy, and native -- you can see the general idea, and use this small windows application as you wish.
I've compiled a fast Android version (again very native -- but working)

Windows app screen shots:

Video of some of the effects made:

v0.0.0.01b First draft code
v0.0.0.02b Added basic 2d effect
v0.0.0.03b Added 3d effects
v0.0.0.08b Compiled Android version
v0.0.0.09b Rearrange unified UX for Windows and Android
v0.0.0.10b Added 'Wall dropping Photos' effect
v0.0.0.11b Added '3d Folding Photos' effect
v0.0.0.12b Modified '3d Folding Photos' effect
v0.0.0.13b Added '3d Flying books' effect
v0.0.0.14b Added '3d Wheel' effect